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Lens: Leica 1:4/21 (R-mount)

June 26, 2012


I had the opportunity to test an old 1:4 21mm lens from a friend. This was a really old 2 cam lens that has been adjusted to 3cam, and only had four aperture blades. I found that – even with the lens hood on it – it was very very easy to get lens flare […]

Other Lens mounts on MFT camera

June 26, 2012


The nice thing about shooting video on MFT camera’s is that the sensor and flange focal distance are smaller then most other systems, so it will fit almost any lens. You might loose autofocus and auto-aperture functionality, but for most videographers this might be an advantages. When you buy an adapter, one of the most important […]

Ultra-wide and fish-eye lenses (7-11mm / 2,5-4mm)

June 22, 2012


I like the distortion of ultra-wide angles for video and I’d like to make miniworld 360 degrees pictures. A few options for lenses: $ 350 Samyang 8mm T/3.8. Fisheye Cinelens. Nikon mount. Stereographic projection. There also is a canon version, with a declicked manual aperture ring. This one is for Canon EF mount and the specs state an Angle […]

Wide-angle lenses (12-18mm / 4,5-7mm)

June 16, 2012


In photography, a lens of focal length of 24 – 35 mm is considered wide-angle. So for MFT, I consider 12-18 mm to be wide-angle. On the GH2’s tele-crop mode (ETC) it would come down to about 4,5-7mm. Here are the options: MFT mount $ 300 Panasonic 14 mm f/2.5 pancake. Sometimes one can find […]

Lens: Leica 1:2.8/24 (R-mount)

May 27, 2012


Of all photo-lenses, Leica R primes are said to have the best picture for film (closest to the Panavision Primo primes). They also have more of a cinema focus throw, even more than the Zeiss ZE primes. But they also are a lot more expensive then the Zeiss lenses (secondhand). The last camera (leica R9) that […]

Lens: Fujinon A12x10BRM-88 (B4 mount)

May 25, 2012


For quick ENG-style shooting I wanted a real ENG lens on my GH2 camera. I’ve picked up this Fujinon A12x10BRM-88 (model VCL-1012BY) B4 mount lens for about $ 150 to test if it would work. This is a very old 1:1.7/10-120mm lens with rotating focus (no internal focus), so if it works well I will replace […]

Lens: Soligor 1:2.8/135 (T mount)

May 24, 2012


This lens has a double ring for aperture (preset system): on with stops, one without. The diaphragm has between 16 and 20 blades. Nice! Summary: Focal length: 135 mm Diafragm: 2.8 – 22, presetsystem = stopless Blades: 16-20?? Filter size: 52 mm Mount: T History I’ve tried to find my lens on internet, but this […]