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LG DM2350D

February 25, 2013


I bought the LG DM2350D on First a few good words about pixmania pro: I’ve read a few really bad reviews about this shop, so hoped to receive everything in good order. I used pixmania pro and the service was excellent! After using it for a few months I discovered that it didn’t support HDMI 1.4 […]

3D Head mounted display

February 25, 2013


Head mounted display Video Glasses (also for 3D) have only one disadvantage: you can only watch alone. Here are the options: $ 200 glasses with maximum resolution of 320×240 with component input (interlaced). The resolution really is too low for a good 3D experience. $ 300 glasses (like the old Zeiss Cinemizer Plus 3D) with 640×480 (922k) displays, […]

HDMI cables

November 26, 2012


On set, one of the most annoying things are the HDMI cables. Most of our camera’s do not have SDI output so the only way to monitor in HD is using the HDMI. And if one of those cables disconnect, it might even stop your camera in the middle of a recording. This is the […]

Quick Release base plate

June 20, 2012


Moving the camera from tripod to jib to steadicam asks for a quick-lock solution. First I thought about buying a few more base- and tripod plates so I can use the Sachtler system on all. But this brings up issues with height, I have to have special things made to fix it to the base […]

ND filters

May 30, 2012


There are a few choices to make here: fixed ND or vari ND, round or square, big or small, mattebox or screw-on? I’ll start with the first: A vari ND is made of two polarizers that work together. This could have negative side-effects, especially with 3D recording. But it also works very fast to adjust […]

Wireless sound

May 29, 2012


There are a lot of options out there, the cheaper single transmitter/receiver only options are: E 150. ROWA RW2400 system  2.4 GHz. 5V USB, rechargeable accu. Mic in and line in (both stereo!). Headphone out + Line out. Diversity, digital. 68x46x15 mm, 70 gram, RF output power: 50mW, RF mute function, 14 channels. Autoscan manual […]

Small monitor (<10") and EVF

May 24, 2012


There are a lot of options, but I have not found a small (<10″) monitor with HD resolution. Maybe it’s not needed as you might have to get your head too close to the screen? 4,8″ Ruige with smart sun cover (built in, doubles as screen cover), pixel to pixel, hdmi lock adapter, hdmi to […]