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Autorun USB stick

June 3, 2013


You can select some options with an autorun.inf file on a USB stick. Icon and label Just make a textfile in notepad with the following: [autorun] icon=favicon.ico label=name of the disk Save this textfile as autorun.inf in the root of your USB stick, together with your favicon.ico. Now you can make both files ‘hidden’. You […]

Windows 7 no PCM audio in MTS file

March 15, 2013


After fiddling around with ffmpeg, ffmbc, avisynth I didn’t get sound when I playback .mts files in WMP.┬áSo I uninstalled all of the above, uninstalled mediaplayer, deleted the files from c:/program files and restarted everything. Then reinstalled mediaplayer. No luck: stil no sound. So I had a look a the files with mediainfo and the […]

My first laptop

March 12, 2013


I just found back my first laptop, A 10.4″ PIII Sony Vaio PCG-SR1K with 64 MB Ram and a 9 GB harddisk. This baby had FW (iLink) and I remember that I’ve used it together with a DVcam-deck to edit a few movies. Wow!

Windows laptop options

June 28, 2012


As I found that I need windows 7 to use the current best S3D editing programs, I’ve been looking into a new laptop for this. There are two options: small or big. Each with it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a comparison. Small (10-12″) mini110/210 elitebook 2730p pavilon DM1 macbook air 10″ 12″ 11,6″ […]

Small backup harddisks

June 6, 2012


For a few years now, I have been using the really nice Western Digital My Passport Essential SE disks, USB 2.0 with 5400 rpm and 32 MB, 500 GB’s (110x83x15 mm) or 750 GB’s (the 750+ are a bit thicker). It is small, light, uses standard mini-USB cables (like mobile phones), has rounded corners and […]

SDHC Cardreader in Windows XP

August 18, 2011


I have 3 HP NC laptops here and could not read SDHC 4GB cards on two of them. This is my experience. First Check! Make sure you have Win XP SP3 installed. Then don’t need any hotfixes from microsoft or the HP SP32017 to make it work. Make sure your cardreader supports High Capacity (SDHC) […]

Bluetooth Mac Mouse op HPNC WinXP laptop

August 17, 2011


Zet de muis aan en klik op het blauwe BT icoontje in de taakbalk naast de klok. Kies ‘add bluetooth device’ of iets wat daarop lijkt. Nu gaat hij zoeken naar de devices in de rage en vind hij de muis. Selecteer de muis en hij gaat de ‘bluetooth virtuele HID muis’ installeren. Daarna vraagt […]