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MBP 17″ HDD update

February 14, 2013


I want to sell my MacPro so I’ll have to move about 4 TB of data to my MBP 17″. How to do that? There are quite a few decisions to be made: What do I really need to put IN the MBP and what can I keep externally. If externally, how do I connect […]

MBP 17″ upgrades

January 20, 2013


My MBP is a 17″ spring 2010 i5 2,53Ghz model. Here are my options for accessories to make it work like my MacPro. Memory Here is a nice explanation, you have to look in activity monitor at the “page-outs” and add that amount of memory. In my case this is 6 GB page-in and 4 […]

Upgrade MAC OSX from 10.5.8

November 1, 2012


First: backup image, see this help page. Didn’t work without booting from the DVD (hold the ALT key while booting), but fortunately my TriBackup can also make a bootable backup, which is even better. To be sure, I did both. The easiest might have been to make a TimeMachine backup, btw. When I inserted the […]

Small backup harddisks

June 6, 2012


For a few years now, I have been using the really nice Western Digital My Passport Essential SE disks, USB 2.0 with 5400 rpm and 32 MB, 500 GB’s (110x83x15 mm) or 750 GB’s (the 750+ are a bit thicker). It is small, light, uses standard mini-USB cables (like mobile phones), has rounded corners and […]

Windows on MacBook

February 5, 2012


Installing Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) First, I installed Snow Leopard from the MacBook DVD. It worked like a charm. One hour for installing, one hour for updating. Total size: about 10 GB. I made sure I had only one partition on my boot hard-disk, as I have read that bootcamp only works when there is […]

De opstartschijf is bijna vol door logbestanden

January 18, 2012


Ik krijg ineens een bericht op mijn mac: De opstartschijf is bijna vol. U moet ruimte vrijmaken op de opstartschijf door bestanden te verwijderen. Dat is raar, want er zou toch nog zo’n 80 GB vrij moeten zijn. Hier vond ik meer mensen met hetzelfde probleem. Het gratis Disk Inventory X (voor Mac OSX) of […]

Apple Qmaster

January 9, 2012


Compressor does a good job on encoding videofiles, but by default it only uses one core. That’s a pity if you have 8 cores in your workstation and a few other mac’s in your network. That’s where Apple Qmaster comes in. This is how it works Your computer (Client) sends a batch from compressor or […]