Autorun USB stick

Posted on 3 June 2013


You can select some options with an autorun.inf file on a USB stick.

Icon and label

Just make a textfile in notepad with the following:

label=name of the disk

Save this textfile as autorun.inf in the root of your USB stick, together with your favicon.ico. Now you can make both files ‘hidden’.

You can easily make a favicon.ico with paint, but there also are better programs to do that. 

Open file

There are some features that only work with CD or DVD media. See here for more info. These features are for autoplay (without a dialog) of CD’s and DVD’s:

action=name in action list

You can choose either open or shellexecute, depending on the type of file you want to open.

Unlike CD’s and DVD’s, WinXP will show an action list with the open or shellexecute option selected. The text after action is shown as a description for this action.

But in Win7+ these commands don’t work. There no way to add your action to the actionlist…

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