Youtube viewcount

Posted on 14 May 2013


How does it work with the viewcount on youtube?

You can click the refresh button of your browser a million times to increase the view count. Does that work? Yes, every view gets counted, even if you just watch for one second. This works fine for the first 300 views.

The counter gets stuck at 301 views and then your account could get blocked if google suspects artificial views. It’s good to know that on the background views are still counted and after declared ‘legal’ by the google algorithms they will be added to your view count.

Sometimes you can also see a delay on the viewcount or different numbers on the video page and on the video management page. This seems to be due to a delay in the synchronisation of the logs of the different servers in the google cloud to the main counter.

Or, you can just buy views on websites like this one. Make sure to pick a good one that generates real views, otherwise your account might get blocked! Blocked? Yes, this makes you a forger, because for Google views = money.

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