Windows 7 no PCM audio in MTS file

Posted on 15 March 2013


After fiddling around with ffmpeg, ffmbc, avisynth I didn’t get sound when I playback .mts files in WMP. So I uninstalled all of the above, uninstalled mediaplayer, deleted the files from c:/program files and restarted everything. Then reinstalled mediaplayer. No luck: stil no sound.

So I had a look a the files with mediainfo and the only thing I can see is that the mts files have big/signed audio while my other files (which do work in WMP) have little/signed audio. Both are 16/48 stereo. So after digging a little deeper (WMP->help->about->more) I have to conclude that the problem is the Microsoft PCM converter. I can’t find a way to reinstall that thing.

For now I’ll just use any other player like VLC to preview my files.

Posted in: WinXP/PC