Miniworld 360 degrees

Posted on 8 March 2013


For doing this kind of stuff, I am looking for a true 180 degrees picture angle, so a round projection on the GH2’s MFT sensor. Here is a tutorial about 360 degrees photography.

Stitching software

  • Photoshop CS4 does stitching, including color correction and masking. There are four options: perspective (doesn’t work with more then 3 source pictures), auto (select auto which in my test case gave the same image as cylindric), bolvormig and cylindric. The last two give a nice wide panoramic result.
  • PanoTools plugin for photoshop
  • PhotoVista
  • Panoramatools (open source, does video as well!)
  • Hugin (free software). You can select cylindric or equirectangular projection. Great results!

Stitching with photoshop gave me this nice result (after some manual corrections):

Photoshop panorama

Photoshop panorama


I’ve been testing Hugin on my mac and it’s great for making miniworld projections. My first test was with a 14 mm lens  and  fisheye projection with Hugin:

Adobe Panorama fed to Hugin Fisheye projection

Adobe Panorama fed to Hugin Fisheye projection

After making this more realistic 100 megapixel stitch with Hugin’s lambert equal area output projection, I really felt the need to buy an ultra wide lens:

Hugin Fused with lambert equal area output

Fused in Hugin with lambert equal area output

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