Posted on 25 February 2013


iTunes can be used for two purposes:

  1. backup of your iOS device
  2. sync between iOS device and iTunes on your mac or PC


Even though I selected in iTunes that I want the backup to be made automatically, the backup is only made when I hit synchronize. Can it do that automatically when I connect the phone? Yes it can, but you have to tick two(!) more boxes. I decided to use iCloud for all backups, except for pictures.

Wifi sync

You can sync over USB but you can also sync over WIFI (wifi only works with OSX 10.6.8+). To set up the wifi sync, you have to connect once with a USB cable. After that it works automatically. I found that the stupid thing for WIFI sync is that the phone also has to be connected to a power source, which in my case is the mac itself (I don’t have a charger). So for me it’s fine to just sync over USB, which might be faster and more reliable as well.

Sync Notes

To transfer notes to my mac I use just have to sync them in iTunes and use the OSX program “Mail” to read them. On PC you have to use Outlook (Express). This is not really very convenient, so I ditched the notes and took an Evernote account. Now I can even access my notes on any web-browser.

Update 26/3/14: Evernote is really not secure. So I went back to notes. On PC you can still sync it but on mac this option seems to be gone with the new iTunes. So I opened them in SyncIOS but it doesn’t transfer line-breaks very well. The quick solution for me was to export an XML and then replace all the <DIV> code by <p> and save it as a htm file.

Sync Music and Movies

In the end, I am only using iTunes to sync my music and movies. But also this is a confusing part of the whole iTunes game:

The phone is synced with another iTunes library

If I tick music, movies or apps to sync, iTunes tells me that all the data on the iPhone will be deleted, because it has been synced with another mac before. I can’t remember which mac that would have been, but I really don’t want to loose my voice memo’s or movies. I ignored the warning, my music, video’s and voice memo’s were still there and  synced with my mac. Yes!

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