3D Head mounted display

Posted on 25 February 2013


Head mounted display Video Glasses (also for 3D) have only one disadvantage: you can only watch alone. Here are the options:

  • $ 200 glasses with maximum resolution of 320×240 with component input (interlaced). The resolution really is too low for a good 3D experience.
  • $ 300 glasses (like the old Zeiss Cinemizer Plus 3D) with 640×480 (922k) displays, but only ipod (AV) and component NTSC/PAL input. .I’ve used those in 2008 with a 3D project and it has a nice dock-connector for the ipad. You have to press a few extra buttons to set it up 3D every time, though, so it is not fool-proof. some, like the Zetronix even have VGA inputs, so those might have a possibility to imput 1280×480 side-by-side HD from a laptop, but it’s a long shot.
  • $ 400 Vuzix Wrap™ 1200 852×480. See-through design. Supports side-by-side 3D from 1280×720 source. Connects to DVI port or HDMI 1.2 port (is it 25p? is there frame packing or side by side 3D). I’ve emailed with them but it’s not very clear if it really supports HDMI input. They also have cheaper options at lower resolutions, like the iphone compatible 920 (640×480). Looks really nice, not big and clunky. I like this brand very much. They also sell additional options in their store. And they have a great one-screen solution as well (TacEye, only VGA I am afraid).
  • $ 643 Epson Moverio BT-100. See-through design. 960×540, Android controller. No HDMI input?
  • $ 800 Sony HMZ-T1 3D OLED HD Glasses. Closed design. review here, buy here. Two 1280x720p screens with HDMI 1.4 input (1080p50 and 3d-frampacking 720p50 or 1080i50 or 1080p24) and loop-through, not for deep color or 4k). Pretty big. On ebay they go out for E 2400 at this moment.
  • $ 800 Silicon Micro Display is the best option for now with it’s 2x 1920×1080 displays. It’s a 10% see-through system and supports HDMI 1.4 1920x1080p @ 24Hz Frame Packing.
  • $ 850 Zeiss Cinemizer OLED. Closed design. 870×500. 1080p 3D hdmi adapter (frame packing!), ipod/iphone adapter. Shipping july 2012.
  • Lumus DK-32, is a 3D projector, see-trough design. 1280×720 250:1 system. They only sell a optical engine for professional use, but had a working prototype around the end of 2011. I guess we will see this technology coming.

If you want to buy a head mounted display: the Silicon Micro Display is the best option at this moment!