BenQ G2400W monitor

Posted on 13 February 2013


For editing I use two (5 years old) BenQ G2400W screens: 24″ full HD screens with both HDMI and DVI (and VGA) input. But while editing Z10000 material, I found that there is a darker horizontal band at about 1/3th of the screen. It’s not very obvious, but I discovered it when I was editing tilts with a white wall as background.

It seems that this line is exactly at the bottom of the canvas and viewer windows. So this might mean that I switched L and R monitor when I was moving, and now I’m previewing on the monitor I’ve used for five years to edit. Is this possible?

Reading on wiki it can’t be burn-in but it might be:

  • Uneven backlight – very well possible: it is an old monitor;
  • thermalization: part of the screen has overheated and looks discolored;
  • image persistence – which usually is only temporary, but can become permanent.

Asuming it is persistence, all I have to do is set a full white screensaver for the next month and hope this will reset the crystals relaxed state.

Fingers crossed, I just hope it’s not my Z10000 camera!

Off-topic: I also found that most LED backlit LCD’s are dimmed using PWM, which makes the screen flicker more acutely (but still invisible), causing eye-strain. I was already wondering why my eyes are so tired since I’ve got my MBP. Could this be the reason?

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