Import still pictures to FCP7

Posted on 19 January 2013


When you want to prepare pictures or logo’s for import to FCP, just follow these recommendations: assign the RGB – HDTV rec.709 color profile to the picture and save it with export for web/devices to PNG-24 (8 bits per channel, FCP can go up to 16 bits per channel). Then – if you want to be sure – you can check the picture with a video safe colors option in you imaging software.

one problem with PNG files I got was grey boundaries of the transparency in preview mode. It was fine in the final render.

Other options

JPEG also is a good option, but as far as I can see, there is no way to set transparency. I’ve tried with GIF but that doesn’t go well with transparency. I also tested a TIF image, but that doesn’t render well (grey). I’ve tried PSD but that opens as another sequence, which might be what you need sometimes but is not the fastest route.

The other accepted formats are: QT Image File, BMP, PNTG, PICS, PICT, TGA. But I have not tested them yet.


Now, the strange thing is that I couldn’t get the colors exactly right between photoshop and FCP. I’ve tried with PSD and the HDTV profile, but that didn’t help. So my guess is that the problem is the display profile used in Photoshop.


I also found that FCP accepts PDF files. Didn’t know that, so I will try it!

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