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Posted on 10 January 2013


Nice and clean CMS. But also not very intuitive to set up. Really not intuitive.

Default template

The default template is the Plain Yoghurt, which is nice but there is a lot wrong with this one. You can fix it by connecting to your server with FTP and editing the template in the concrete/themes/default directory.

Site logo

Concrete5 displays the name of the site as site header, but soon you will want a logo or some other name there. So this is what you do, you open the header.php page in the theme directory and replace this block:

<a href=”<?php echo DIR_REL?>/”><?php
$block = Block::getByName(‘My_Site_Name’);
if( $block && $block->bID ) $block->display();
else echo SITE;

with this text:

 $a = new GlobalArea('Site Name');

Sometimes this goes wrong as this new global area is not recognised right, then you might want to rename ‘Site Name’ to ‘Logo’ or something. Now you can fill it with just any block (like text or images) and it will show up on all pages of the website.

Header Nav

Another thing is the navigation bar. You have to set it manually for each page. Again it is easy to change this in the header.php by changing the Area to GlobalArea and then deleting the $c from the display line. It will look like this:

<div id="headerNav">
 $a = new GlobalArea('Header Nav');

Now you can fill this with a auto-nav block. Then – to get the layout right you will have to apply a custom template to it by clicking on the block and selecting custom template -> header menu. You might want to adjust the vertical alignment a bit in the main.css. Look for the absolute position of headerNav.

Interface language

If you want the latest language pack it gets difficult with downloading development files and making translations etc from a .po file. I don’t think any normal user will rather want to take an English course then  to go through all that hassle.

There is a quick fix: to set the CMS interface language to dutch, you can download the dutch file here and upload it to the languages/nl_NL/LC_MESSAGES. Then you can select the language with the dashboard. The only disadvantage is that it is an old file (2010). A more recent file can be downloaded (after logging in) here.

Why doesn’t concrete5 make these files available on their download page?

Updates gone wrong

After not updating for a while I wanted to go from v4 to v5.6 using Installatron and this went terribly wrong. I solved by updating step by step, so first to v5, then 5.5 and then 5.6 (or something). Now I’ve set it to automatically backup and update to make sure this doesn’t happen anymore.

Crashed Admin

On one of my sites I couldn’t access the admin pages anymore. I solved this by uploading the concrete5 package from on my server, overwriting the existing files. Problem solved.

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