GH2 Patches

Posted on 17 December 2012


Download Ptool, download the original Panasonic firmware and if your on a mac, download Wine as well. Then you can start downloading patches from personal-view and/or making your own tweaks to the firmware. Save the patched-firmware to the SD card , update your camera and you have access to h.264 Intra-frame compression, better quantizer settings and bitrates up to 100+ mbps.


First of all there is a thing with the bitrates. The limiting factor here is the bus limit of the GH2: 4 busses x 50Mhz = 200 mbps. That’s your max speed. If you use class 10 cards, the minimum speed is 80 mbps, see my other post about SD cards.

But one of those new Sandisk 95MB/s (760mpbs) cards should be able to handle 200 mbps video? So why can’t you make a patch that is using the full 200 mbps of the GH2’s bus? Because (the data is written per GOP from the buffer of the GH2 to the SD card?)

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