MAC OSX Mountain Lion share to Win7

Posted on 22 November 2012


I can’t get my windows 7 computer to see the shares of my mountain lion computer. After checking all settings (Advanced -> WINS -> NetBIOS name and workgroup), setting the IP addresses of both computers manually and checking them with cmd->ping, checking the share settings (SMB sharing on) I found that the solution was really, really simple:

1. There is a bug in Mountain Lion that means you need to turn the sharing off and back on every time you start your mac.

I guess this is sending the NetBIOS announcement again, because before doing that the IP address can be pinged, but the mac doesn’t show up in the list you can generate from cmd -> “net view”. So the second solution would be to just connect with SMB to the IP address instead of server name:

2. The other solution is to run \\[IP address] from your START menu, where [IP address] is the actual IP address of your mac. You could make a shortcut for this.

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