Panasonic Z10000 editing

Posted on 16 November 2012


This is the interesting part of shooting with the Z10000! I am using FCP 6 and FCP 7, and these NLE’s are not made for 3d. So I found the Dashwood Stereo 3D plugin voor FCP en After Effects. There also is the free OS3D plugin for FCP. The $ 1000 DaVinci Resolve (The free Lite version does not have 3D capabilities) would add really nice 3D finishing options after editing is finished.

But editing in FCP is only one part of the story. The most important challenge with the Z10000 is that it records to a single AVCHD 2.0 file that uses MVC coding. This standard is backwards compatible with AVCHD 1, meaning that with most NLE’s, players and transcoders you will only see the main stream because they are not aware of the additional right-eye stream. So does FCP. So I needed to find a way to transcode my files to something that works with the Dashwood plugin.


First I tried Panasonics own HD Writer XE software that came with the camera. With no luck: it is a nice way to watch the original footage, but it’s only possible to convert the 50p or 3D AVCHD v2 video’s to 2D 1080i50 or 2D SD material. There is no way to convert it to two seperate 2D streams.

So I had to try and find other conversion software. I’ve tested:

But they all ignore the additional information for the second view. After doing a lot more testing I did get it working with a pretty difficult workflow involving mvc2avi, but this is for Windows only. Later on I found a very successful CineForm workflow for Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, you can find my post about it here. And even later I found this guy that almost walked the same path as I did.


The other way is using an editor that edits native MVC AVCHD 2.0 files. What are my options:

  • There also is the $ 60 / year Lightworks paid version for windows (the free version does not have stereoscopic support), which I am really interested in, so I tested it.
  • The three $ 100 semi-pro solutions I found are Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 plus/premium (in dutch: Magix Video Deluxe), Cyberlink Powerdirector 10 and Sony Movie Studio Platinum. The first two even work with windows XP. Sony’s software needs win7 or higher.
  • $ 400 Magix Video Pro X. See my test here.
  • $ 600 Sony Vegas Pro 11 or Grassvalley Edius Pro 6.5 are the pro options.  I’ve tested both Vegas and Edius.
  • $ 3900 Autodesk Smoke, but even though the price came down a lot this year, I still think it I’d rather try one of these sub $ 1000 packages first.

My testing with win7/32 bit on bootcamp sasn’t very succesful, so the best advise for S3D editing is to sell the mac and buy a good win7/64 bit workstation.

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