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Posted on 3 November 2012


A short description about what I am going through with my iphone 4 with iOS 6.1. I want to update to 6.1.3 ut it can’t because it needs 672 MB of free space!


If I hook up my iphone to a computer, I can only read the pictures if I log in to my iphone. There is one thing to keep in mind: once you’ve connected the phone to your iTunes, it doesn’t need a password and I can show, import and delete all pictures.

Backup and sync

One of my main concerns is loosing the information that is on the phone. Apple has iCloud and iTunes for backup and sync. And there is the great free SynciOS program for windows, which helps you to backup and restore almost everything on your phone.

I decided to use iTunes for sync of my music and video’s between the phone and my computer. And I use iCloud for all backups of the phone, except for my pictures and home-video’s.

Pictures and video’s

iTunes’ photosync only seems to work to send pictures from iTunes to the iPhone, not the other way around. iTunes can make a full backup of the phone, including the Camera Roll, but these backups are not accessible from windows or Mac. With iCloud backup I can make a backup of the Camera Roll, but this doesn’t always work, because you can store about 13 GB on each iPhone or iPad, and you only get 5 GB of iCloud backup space for free. So most of the time it will tell you there is ‘Not Enough Storage’ on iCloud. So that’s useless too.

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 23.56.27

In addition, iCloud’s sync option called photostream will backup and sync the Camera Roll on the go.  That should be perfect to get it into my computer.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 00.03.41

iCloud photostream on osX needs iPhoto or Aperture

But unfortunately there also are a few problems with photostream:

  1. It does not save your self-shot video’s to the photostream;
  2. It only saves the last 1000 pictures, and only does this when you connect to wifi. This means that you could loose some pictures if you’re not on wifi often enough;
  3. osX only supports the photostream when you buy iPhoto or Aperture. I did get iPhoto with my 10.6.8 MBP but not with the 10.8 update I bought. WHY?;
  4. It’s not really reliable: on 9/2/12 photostream didn’t sync anymore, I had to reset my iphone to get it working again.

So that’s the end of my ease of mindI only use iCloud as additional backup now, together with the good old osX/windows photo transfer over USB  that will pop-up as soon as I connect the phone to your computer.

Two side notes that could make photostream integrate with my USB transfer:

  1. With the icloud control panel for Windows you can have the photostream copied to the My Pictures folder. Works great!
  2. With iPhoto on osX it should be possible to recognize which pictures have already been synced with photostream and only copy the video’s over USB.


FindMyIphone also works through http://www.iCloud.com. I can look it’s location up on the map, play a sound (to find it under the couch), lock it or delete all data. Be aware that this only works if the iphone is connected to internet (wifi or 3G), so in case of my phone (I don’t have 3G) I will never find it back.

So for me an app like iTracker would be a good solution, as it can send an sms on sim-change or make a picture when someone tries to unlock it.

But even then: if somebody stole my iphone, all they would do is try to get inside (guess the password) and put it in airplane mode. Then they can read all sensitive data that’s inside. If they can’t guess the password they might just turn it off (why is that even possible without having the unlock code?) and use itunes (on PC or mac) to install iOS again. The thing is: the mac or PC needs to have an active internet connection to be able to activate the phone. So if your phone is really really important, I guess that Apple could tell you which apple ID is used to activate the IMEI number of your phone and this way you can track down the thief. So the best option for the thief is just to jailbreak the phone.

Google Calendar

When you have Google Calendar with a Gmail account, it is easy to sync the two. But I have Google Calender linked to my own e-mail account (as I said, I don’t want too many email addresses). So I needed to go to settings -> email/calender -> add -> other -> CalDAV and fill in http://www.google.com as server. It’s easy!

16 GB memory

I have the 16 GB iPhone. But when I look at usage it says: 4.4 GB in use, 9.3 GB free. And when I dive into that 4.4 GB: when I count all app data + the camera roll it’s only 3.1 GB. So where is the other (16-9.3-3.1=) 3,6 GB?

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