Android find my phone tools

Posted on 23 July 2012


Plan B is great, as you can install it AFTER the phone is stolen. Of course, the phone still needs to be connected to your google account and have internet access, and the biggest problem seems that it seems to works in US only. I’ve tested it and the 10 minutes location email option works great (the phone needs wifi or 3g to be on!), but sms didn’t work in the Netherlands.

Here is a good article about options, and this dutch article helped me to find the AVAST software. You can use SMS commands to trace or call the phone. For instance, you can set siren on, which helps you find your phone even if the sound is off. Or you can set it to call you so you can try to record the new owners of the phone. Great software. It might even be better to root the phone first, so it also works after a hard reset. There also is the Samsung Dive that sends an sms to friends with the new phone number and location of the phone. The samsung website also helps you to set the phone to siren, even if the sound is off.

ps: use this driver for the Samsung Galaxy S on Win XP

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