GH2 Cage

Posted on 21 June 2012


You might want a cage to fix your camera so it won’t wiggle, to protect it, to mount accessories and to protect the HDMI and sound plugs. Make sure it is lightweight and CNC milled from high grade aluminum and hard anodized black for durability. And think of accessories like a batterygrip or loupe holder: do they fit with the cage? Also think of your buttons, cables, sd card and battery: are they accesible? Can you turn your LCD around?

  • $1000+ Viewfactor has power distributing cages.
  • € 369 ReWo (Germany) GH2 cage + € 25 HDMI clamp. I like the ReWo most as it does lock with the shoe-adapter, has a HDMI lock and everything can easily be accessed (as opposed to the TrusMT). Your camera will be locked to your rods without any movement, which is very needed when you use it with matteboxes. Unfortunately: Ausverkauft.
  • $ 350 TrusMT cage. With HDMI clamp, but screen fold-out will not work with the clamp I think. Might be the only one that has room for the batterygrip. Unfortunately with blue clamps. Has a lot of mounting holes. Quick lock plate for camera
  • $ 420 Ebay cage.
  • E 225 PCbel cage. He has made 10 of those! Has this great upstanding metal bits at the front, to prevent rotation of the camera.
  • $ 149 Shrigg cage including rod support. Few mounting holes, but it might be enough. Everything accesible I think. Shoe-mount lock. Don’t know about the bottom (mounting for tripod baseplate? fixation against rotation of the body?).
  • $ ? Japanese cage
  • $ 500 Letus (powered +300) cage. They don’t have a GH2 model (yet)
  • $ 195 Berkey System Baseplate for GH2. With this, the battery compartiment is accessible. Not very impressive I would say.
  • $ 200 Gini GH2 cage.

I’m not buying one (yet), so i’ll stick with a c-mount with top handle.

Update: I’ve never bought the C-mount as I couldn’t find one that I like. I am looking for a nice padded solution on top of the shoulder-mount, so it will help in keeping the camera steady by holding it to your head. But now the great news: PCbel e-mailed me that he has 10 cages ready. I’m ordering one, it looks great!

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