Youtube S3D

Posted on 18 June 2012


To upload the s3d file to youtube is not a problem. You can easily select which type of S3D file you’ve uploaded (either side-by-side or top-bottom). I understand that – since youtube supports files up to 4K – you can even upload 2x fullHD 3D in this mode. Have tried it myself with FTB (full top/bottom) format and it doesn’t work well. I’ve even tested this fix but that didn’t work, here I read that youtube doesn’t really support the downscaling of 2x full frame very good: the commenter recommends to upload in HSBS format. I’ve checked and agree. Tried to look it up at the youtube help page about s3D but really: searching for stereo 3D brings up 5 help articles that all promise a guide, but the guide is unfindable!

But then, how do you send your client a link to this movie. For instance, I would like to send my client a link that disables 3D by default, so they will have to enable it themselves if they want to watch 3D. This seems to be difficult. I found these solutions:

  1. I found this old link and used ?hd=1&yt3d:enable=false at the end of the link. It didn’t work;
  2. Then I found this Google help page and tried ?mode=5&option=9. But this also really does not seem to work, not even with their own example
  3. For iframe embed you can use ?rel=0&vq=hd1080 at the end of the link. There should be something like this for S3D view settings.

So in short: no, you can’t. I guess that google defaults to a certain view, until a user sets it to match his own system. However, I don’t know what the default is.

The stupid thing about S3D on youtube is that the preview thumbnail shows the original (side by side or top/bottom) dual picture. Also playback on ipad is dual picture!

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