Wide-angle lenses (12-18mm / 4,5-7mm)

Posted on 16 June 2012


In photography, a lens of focal length of 24 – 35 mm is considered wide-angle. So for MFT, I consider 12-18 mm to be wide-angle. On the GH2’s tele-crop mode (ETC) it would come down to about 4,5-7mm. Here are the options:

MFT mount

  • $ 300 Panasonic 14 mm f/2.5 pancake. Sometimes one can find deals for about $170.
  • $ 500 SLR Magic 12mm f/1.6 MFT. 12 blades, aperture ring without stops. Metal gear rings. 58mm filter thread. dampened focus. No electronic coupling.
  • $ 800 Olympus 12 f2 M.Zuiko. Review here. Looks great. Has nice manual focus ring (fly-by-wire) + very silent autofocus, but no aperture ring.
  • $ 1300 Voigtlander 17,5 mm f/0,95. Here is a test by Hugo Goudswaard, here is another great test..
There also are a few zoom-lenses that include wide, ultra-wide and/or normal focal length:
  • $ 400 Olympus 9-18 f4-5,6. Electronic aperture (no ring) and focus (ring without markers). Note that there are a MFT and a FT version of this lens!
  • $ 999 Panasonic 7-14 f4. Review here. Fixed lens hood. Internal zoom and focus. Focus by wire
  • $ 850 Panasonic 14-50mm f/2.8-3.5 Leica D. 7 blade aperture with manual ring at the back of the lens. 72mm filter thread

And there are the 11mm wide-converter lenses combination with the Panasonic 14mm lens, of which is said that they give a better picture then the above SLR magic lens. Also, have a look at this comparison done by lensrentals.

Non-MFT lenses

$ 700 Tokina 11-16mm ATX-PRO f/2.8 or maybe a nice B4 mount lens.

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