Grassvalley Edius Pro 6.5

Posted on 3 June 2012


I started with Edius 3D, which is a free preview version that went in between Edius 6 and Edius 6.5. Grassvalley came up with a new build every month, and they lasted for only a month. I only found out after installing the build 6 I downloaded earlier on, because it was displaying a “this version has already expired” message. Then I found that the last build was build 8, which was due to expire 4th june 2012. I also found that I couldn’t download it anywhere.

Fortunately, the new Edius 6.5 with S3D and AVCHD 2.0 support is available now for trial and sale. I’ve installed the trial on my i5 MBP with bootcamp win7 32 bit, it expires after 30 days (calender days, not used days).

Great stuff!

  • It instantly sees the SD card and I can copy the files to the bin. Even while copying I can start editing with the files from my SD card, Edius just keeps copying them on the background and I guess it just replaces the reference in the bin automatically. Really nice!
  • 3D support is also nice: smooth playback in (for instance) anaglyph mode. Can select a different 3D mode for the secondary display. Nice.
  • Sound levels display as overlay on the video. You can select a few different meter modes. Also viewing speed control with JKL keys and displayed in the overview. Great scrubbing and jogging with sound, very nice!
  • Consolidating the finished project copies all used clips to one location and can trim them. It can also delete all the original stuff. It can’t trim the .wav, .mp3 and the AVCHD files so copies them entirely. so that’s a great way to archive the project.
  • The Canopus HQ codec is said to be the best, even better then CineForm. You don’t have to buy Edius: you can also download the free win7 and macOS codecs (so it’s not only the decoder, but also encoder!) from the grassvalley site.

Bad stuff:

  • The biggest problem for me is that the playback speed drops to a few frames per second as soon as you add a transition, title or effect. After that it is impossible to review a single cut without rendering. Also, when you change a little thing (like moving a clip) everything has to be rendered again. Rendering takes long: a simple color correction takes 0,25x realtime to render.
  • After importing or setting project settings the screen hangs for a while (white screen) and I have to wait for the software to respond again.  Sometimes it just crashes for no reason. Edius is installed on a clean win7 with bootcamp 3.2 drivers and I followed all these tips to tweak it. After editing for a while the problems seen to have dissapeared. Don’t know why.
  • Z10000 3D material shot at 1080p25 is seen as TFF material instead of PsF. I have not seen any CUE problems so it seems like it doesn’t give any problems on my progressive sequence.
  • I found a greyed out ‘super white’ Color Range on each clip:
  • Setting up the preview display on the 2nd monitor took me ages. See this post for tips how to solve it in the user settings.
  • All image corrections have to be done in the ‘layouter’, a sub-window. The 3D corrections have to be done in ‘stereoscopic’, another sub-window. Unfortunately, there is no floating-window option for 3D masking.
  • No keyframing option for audio effects.
  • Blue distortion of 3rd color correction layer. But this is only visible after final render, not in preview or still mode!?
  • Export to AVCHD can only be done when choosing conversion to Sony, Canon, Panasonic AG-3DA1 dual stream or AVCHD exporter 2 seperate streams. But when I select them it says: ‘could not us the selected format. Please confirm setting.’
  • Consolidating a project can’t trim mp4 or AVCHD files so it saves them as a whole. There is no batch export function for trimming my Z10000 files.
  • No MVC blu-ray support. There is a post about exporting to MVC blu-ray in Vegas. I’ll have to dig into that later.

At 23:59 of the trial expire day I got this message ‘this version has already expired’ when I try to save or export my project.

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