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Posted on 27 May 2012


The problem with my default twenty-ten wordpress theme is that the H1 headings are bigger then the posts heading. I find this annoying. So I went for a quest for the holy theme. My checklist:

  • homepage with excerpts and/or thumbnails of featured or latest posts
  • search function (which is a widget you can add to the side-bar, I found later on)
  • readable posts: good screenfont, black letters, blue links, not too big headings

These are the (free) options i’ve reviewed:

  • Autofocus. Has a very nice homepage but the font colors are bad (grey with black links).
  • Blogum. Looks very technical but has it all, except for the tiled homepage with excerpts of all featured posts.
  • Bold Life. Nice to read but no homepage.
  • Bueno. Looks really nice but has no homepage.
  • Chunk.  A very nice layout to read the posts.
  • Enterprise. Nice to read, but no homepage.
  • Fresh and Clean. Nice homepage, good to read!
  • Inuit Types. Nice homepage, good to read, rss feed in the design.
  • Oxygen. Very nice, but there are these two sidebars, if it only had one side-bar it would have been perfect I think.

Now I found that it is the ‘mobile theme’ settings: this is a general custom mobile theme, so on mobile you will not see your own theme. I’ve turned that off and now it’s great on iphone too, although I’ve found that different themes behave differently.

In Bueno, there is a really nice ‘featured posts column’ with thumbnails, but you’ll need each post to have a featured image. I’ve found that the featured image HAS to be showing in the post as well if you want to use it.

It’s a close call, but I’ve selected Inuit for now.

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