Small monitor (<10") and EVF

Posted on 24 May 2012


There are a lot of options, but I have not found a small (<10″) monitor with HD resolution. Maybe it’s not needed as you might have to get your head too close to the screen?

  • 4,8″ Ruige with smart sun cover (built in, doubles as screen cover), pixel to pixel, hdmi lock adapter, hdmi to sdi converter (TL-480HDB), hdmi out (TL-480HDA), embedded audio, dc 12v in. Looks really good. geen peaking/zebra/histogram/false colors.
  • 5,6″ Camax 1280×800 display.
  • $ 200 Lilliput 7″ 5D-II-O-P.  Does have peaking/zebra/histogram/false colors. It has a lot of features, but I hear it has a very cheap low-light LCD panel.
  • $ 200 Wondlan 7″. It doesn’t have a lot of options (flipping only) but does have hdmi in and out up to full HD. I’ts cheap, so I already had to perform surgery to get my 1/4″ mount adapter out of it. It just missed the PCB so the monitor is fine, but It’s a real hard lesson not to use 1/4″ screw longer then 8 mm!
Damaged wondlan 1/4" screw hole

Electronic ViewFinder

  • $549 Cineroid (Seoul, South Korea) EVF4C  with 800×480 3,2″ LCD, with peaking, peaking red, zebra, clip guide, anamorphic, crop guide, pixel to pixel, b/w, underscan, overscan, screen flip, audio level meter, false color, external power or canon LP-E6 battery, hdmi loop through (up to 1080i), 3 menu buttons and 4 feature buttons. All black.  They also have a metal version, with built-in HDMI -> SDI converter and professional DC in Lemo-2pin connector ($ 900), same features plus remote control. They also have an L-clamp ($ 79) to lock the HDMI ports (for EVF4LE only) and D-tap power adapter for the cheaper DC plug. Unfortunately no histogram.
  • Small HD DP4-EVF is a little bit plastic, I’ve heard a few complaints about disfunctioning buttons etc.
  • E579 zaguto Z-Finder. Has 2x hdmi

As long as there is no full HD or HD ready viewfinder I will not buy one.

Video glasses

See the end of this other post for see-through video-glasses. There is one other option I would like to mention for really heavy steadicam or handheld shots: the Vuzix Tac-Eye.

Prices vary from €2730.47 exc vat to €3087.91 depending on specification. it’s very rugged and features one (!) 800×600 AMOLED display fed from SVGA.

As an alternative, Brother also brings their airscouter video-glasses, but I still can’t find information on pricing.

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