Lens: Soligor 1:2.8/135 (T mount)

Posted on 24 May 2012


This lens has a double ring for aperture (preset system): on with stops, one without. The diaphragm has between 16 and 20 blades. Nice!

Focal length: 135 mm
Diafragm: 2.8 – 22, presetsystem = stopless
Blades: 16-20??
Filter size: 52 mm
Mount: T


I’ve tried to find my lens on internet, but this is difficult. I know that it has a filter size of 52 mm and a clamshell focus ring, which sits behind the aperture rings. It is the same model as this Tokina M42 lens, but I also found a T mount Vivitar lens of the same model. It seems to be built in Japan in the late 1960. Vivitar and Soligor (USA) both could have had their lens built by Tokina at that time. Then I read that Soligor did introduce their own T4 mount in the 1960’s. Or it could even be an adapt-all mount like the Tokina’s of that time.


I did not know which mount it had when I bought this beauty. It’s a 42mm screw mount, so it’s either a T mount (m42, 0,75 mm pitch, 55mm flange focal distance) or M42 mount (m42, 1 mm pitch, 45,5 mm flange focal distance). I went to a local shop to test and it turned out to be a T-mount indeed. This mount was made to be an universal (adapt-all?) mount, which could be adapter with an adapter ring to any camera-specific mount, like the m42 for onstance.

This shop sells a nice adapter for about $ 40 including shipping from the UK, because their mount is made up of an inner ring with an internal M42x0.75 thread, and an external ring which is the camera fitting. The two are held together by 3 peripheral grub screws. Slackening these screws allows orientation of the T accessory relative to the camera. I can get about the same adapters in HongKong for $ 13. There are two options on e-bay: a metal one and an aluminum version. It turned out that the metal used in the metal one also is aluminum. So I bought this one.

First impressions

This lens is a great buy! The bokeh is not as stunning as I hoped it would be, but still it is great. Stopless aperture is great and the lens seems to lower the contrast a bit, compared to the lumix lenses. This is good! I have not noticed a color-cast, lens flare or any other strange reflections.

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