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Posted on 16 January 2012


OpenOffice Impress is a nice free program to make presentations. Up to date, i found two big disadvantages:

Embedding video

Your video- and audio files can NOT be saved as part of the presentation, they will remain external links. So you will always have to send these files with the presentation.

Note that Impress will only link the media clip, therefore when the presentation is moved to a different computer, the link will most likely be broken and as a consequence the media clip will not play. An easy workaround that prevents this from happening is the following:

  1. Place the media file to be included in the presentation in the same folder where the presentation is stored.
  2. Insert the media file in the presentation.
  3. When sending the presentation to a different computer, send also the media file and place both files in the same folder on the target computer.

(From wiki)

The other thing to consider is the codec you are using. I have made a good wmv setting for my winXP presentations but these files will NOT show on the OSX computers.

The last thing to remember when working with video is that your computer might get really really slow. Moving text on a slide turned into an ordeal of “hover the mouse where you think a move cursor might show up, and wait 45 seconds … cursor change? No? Okay, move a few pixels and wait again.” Nothing happened in real time.

Working with spreadsheets

You can import a spreadsheet from your excel but I’ve found this doesn’t work great, especially when you copy-paste it to other sheets and change data afterwards. It might be changed on other locations in your presentation as well.

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