Saving on power consumption

Posted on 14 September 2011


Wouldn’t it be very green (and cheap) to bring back the power consumption at the office as far as possible?

These are a few consumers:

  • VOIP (linksys) +WLAN (dlink): 12w
  • HP officejet/fax: 2w
  • Kyocera Mita laserprinter: 33/?/974/?w
  • MacPro: 3/280/300/410w
  • XDcam player: 3w
  • ProHD player: 1w
  • 2x speaker (Yamaha) + 2x scherm (BenQ): 20/?/60/?w

Numbers: standby/average/powering on/max in watt


We used one plug for to turn on/off all machines at the office. But this could lead to a short overload when inserting this plug. (soms vliegt de stop eruit, en soms zelfs de aardlek). Now I am using a switch and everything seems to be fine.


I’ve made a habit of only powering stuff on when I need it. The only exception is the setup for receiving fax messages (wlan, linksys, officejet) which is using 14W when in standby. This is 14*24 hr*365 days = 122 kW. That’s a lot! Can I turn it off? I haven’t received a fax last year, so I guess that would not be a problem. I’ve had a look around and most of my customers and colleagues do not even mention a fax number on their website anymore. Bye bye fax!

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